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Letters to the Editor: Feb. 21

Voices crying in the wilderness To the Editor: Last night, I watched Rand Paul and Mike Lee battling vainly against the tide. The tide in this case was their fellow senators, who have lost their minds and are willing to sell this nation’s security and future down the river for the sake of a short-term, stopgap, partial budget Band-Aid. Retired ...

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Let us go in love

This summer I traveled to another country where I was a minority, and a discussion in that country sparked my thinking about prejudice and racism. After I returned, Ferguson unfolded, and I watched racial lines being drawn. Regardless of my own ethnicity, I realized no one is actually free from deeply-held prejudices or stereotypes.

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Global shift

The shift in Israel of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu further to the right is foreboding and most certainly is not in the interest of the United States.

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New Sammelmann farm park

So, County Executive Steve Ehlmann is “disappointed”and County Council Chairman Mike Klinghammer disagrees with over 7,674 of his constituents (3,837 households of at least two persons submitted county surveys) for their choice of the “best use” of the new 116-acre park in St. Charles County (“County park on site of former Sammelmann farm to remain natural,” Mid Rivers Newsmagazine, Dec. 17).

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Driving on Manchester

To the Editor: Dear drivers on Manchester: Can we all be a little bit nicer to each other? As new resident of Ballwin living directly off Manchester Road, I’d like to send out a kind request. Please, be kind when driving on Manchester. Put down your phone, pay attention, don’t block intersections, let someone go in front of you and ...

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The voters have spoken

To the Editor: The voters have spoken. They voted for a Democratic party opportunity to adopt the blueprint for obstructionism and gridlock followed so effectively by Mitch McConnell and John Boehner during their years of openly advocating opposition against any bill which might make this president look good — even bills originated by Republicans and subsequently supported by Obama. The ...

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Responding to ‘It’s a matter of trust’

To the Editor: The Nov. 5 editorial “It’s a matter of trust” completely ignored the fact that the Monarch Fire Protection District Directors were overwhelmingly elected by the voters/taxpayers of the Fire District. They did not appoint themselves to this position and their mission is no different than any other elected officials, be it legislative bodies or other local boards. ...

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Making sense of fall traditions

To the Editor: If it is known that some football helmets have been scientifically proven to be superior in safety for high schools and colleges, then why haven’t our political leaders mandated that all helmets be made to meet those standards? I’m not for government control of private industry, but when lives are affected it may be time to step ...

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