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Lake Saint Louis FPD seeks bond issue, tax increase approvals to address financial issues

The Lake Saint Louis Fire Protection District will ask voters to approve two propositions this August that may significantly raise taxes in order to address the district’s mounting financial problems. In May, the district’s Board of Directors approved placing two separate measures on the Aug. 2 ballot: an $8 million bond issue [approximately 22 cents] and an 18-cent tax increase. Proceeds would help the district pay off debt, acquire new equipment and hire more firefighters. Voter approval of the two propositions conceivably could add up to around 41 cents per $100 assessed valuation to the district’s tax rate, which is currently ...

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Top-level positions change hands in county emergency services

Christopher Fay, Lake Saint Louis Fire Protection District Christopher Fay, the new fire chief for Lake Saint Louis, started his 22-year firefighting career as a volunteer for the fire service. Fay had been studying to be a graphic designer and only worked for the department on a summer break. In 1997, he was hired on as a full-time firefighter for Lake Saint Louis. “I learned later on in life that this was something I enjoyed, something that I thought was pretty fulfilling,” Fay said. “It was a complete career change, but I’m glad I made the decision to change.” Before ...

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