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Pet food pantry dates set

Last year, the Division of Humane Services introduced its pet food pantry and provided more than 4,000 pounds of food to assist St. Charles County dog and cat owners. The monthly program distributes dry pet food and welcomes new participants this year.

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More tips for surviving a disaster

Great cover story on disaster prep. We are lucky to have professionals like Hunt, Thiemann and Yeomans; however, your article gives false expectations that these folks will be able to come to the rescue on an as-needed basis. That will not happen. It is up to individuals and families to prepare for a minimum of 72 hours.

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The right to health care

Here we go again, this time it’s a Medicaid work requirement. The Trump administration could not repeal the Affordable Care Act, so they are taking another approach to take away health coverage. 

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Task force recommends tax increases to fuel state transportation needs

The 21st Century Missouri Transportation System Task Force has recommended a fuel tax increase for both gasoline and diesel sales. But while many agree that transportation funding needs to increase, Sen. Dave Schatz, vice chairman of the task force, said, “We’ll just have to see if the House has any appetite at all for a tax increase."

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