Lafayette’s Caroline Pozo finishes flawless sophomore season

Lafayette sophomore Caroline Pozo enjoyed more than a tennis season to remember. She had one for the record books. Pozo won the Missouri State High School Class 2 singles championship. She won all four of her matches at state without losing a set – no opponent earned more than five games off her. Pozo finished her sensational season with a 24-0 singles record. Amazingly, she did not lose a set all season. However, Pozo remains modest and downright humble when evaluating her year. “It was a great season, and I joined a team with amazing girls, which made it even ...

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Rockwood facilities to be discussed at upcoming board of education meeting

Rockwood Superintendent Eric Knost and Chief Financial Officer Tim Rooney plan to make a special presentation to the district’s Board of Education on Nov. 13 in regard to facilities needs districtwide. “We will lay out our findings on facilities needs and recommend a plan to address them going forward,” Knost told the board on Oct. 16. Proposition S, a $38.4 million no-tax rate increase bond issue to fund security, technology and facilities’ maintenance needs in Rockwood, failed to win approval on the April 2013 ballot. The ballot followed the release of state audit results, which criticized Rockwood for, among other ...

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Francis Howell students selected for honor choir

Multiple Francis Howell High choir students recently were selected for the Metro 8 District Honors Choir. Nearly 290 students from across the Metro 8 District participated in the 2014 auditions, and approximately 160 were selected to participate in this year’s Honors Choir held on Oct. 11. Nine Francis Howell High choir members were selected out of the 18 who auditioned. These Viking Choir students, under the direction of Choir Director Karey Fitzpatrick, include Rebekah Anthonis, Erin Hediger, Jenna Hutfless, Elise Kaminski, Madi Jackson, Alexandra Janssen, Sarah Mason, Jenny Moreno, Emmy Robertson and Allison Schult. Additionally, seven of the students scored ...

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Editorial: It’s a matter of trust

On Oct. 30, there were three accidents on Interstate 64 and its exit ramps – one during the morning drive time on the exit ramp at Olive/Clarkson and two others during the evening commute. Those accidents were nearly parallel, with one on eastbound I-64 and one on the exit ramp to Timberlake Manor Parkway. Monarch firefighter-paramedics responded to all three accidents – blocking traffic and providing aid. Here’s a fact. Most of us would not want to have to work an accident on a crowded highway. Here’s another fact. Most of us are grateful that there are men and women ...

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Deer hunting

To the Editor: We are all aware of the increasing deer population – what a nuisance that can be. (“Regulation changes proposed to spur hunting in Wildwood,” West Newsmagazine, Oct. 22.) I have spent a small fortune on “Deer Off” trying to protect my hostas and other plants. We have from three to five deer daily at the entrance and throughout our subdivision. A humane solution – in my opinion – would be to put out some feed that would prevent them from procreating. Simple, humane. Thanks for listening. Mrs. J. Urban Chesterfield  

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Making sense of fall traditions

To the Editor: If it is known that some football helmets have been scientifically proven to be superior in safety for high schools and colleges, then why haven’t our political leaders mandated that all helmets be made to meet those standards? I’m not for government control of private industry, but when lives are affected it may be time to step in. Shame on the educational institutions for not making this decision on their own. I would believe the safer helmets should have priority over fancy-looking buildings and grounds. On another note, by the time this is printed, the political rhetoric ...

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Keep your change

To the Editor: Why is it that when they do not like something, liberals always want it to change to suit their perspective? Now along comes Mr. Summers (“Time for a more even perspective,” West Newsmagazine, Oct. 29)  who doesn’t like the conservative tilt of West Newsmagazine and wants less “far-right” content I say to Mr. Summers, if you don’t like it, don’t read it. Do you ask the Post-Dispatch, to include less “far left” content? How about MSNBC? I do not care for their content so I do not read or listen to them – well, I will listen ...

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The gift of life

To the Editor: I just want to thank “A grateful double-lung transplant” for his message (West Newsmagazine, Nov. 22). My mother-in-law (who is now deceased) received a double-lung transplant in 2000 from a young girl (age 15) from Washington state. We have been lucky enough to meet the parents of the girl and her grandparents and have formed a very loving relationship. Thank you for not only bringing awareness to a great cause (organ donation), but for thanking your donor. It is a sad thing that one life must be lost to help another, but bless the people that donate, ...

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High school girls tennis

Whitfield sophomore Grace Klutke made history for the Warriors. Klutke reached the Class 1 semifinals in the state tennis meet at the Cooper Tennis Complex in Springfield. It was her first trip to the state tournament. “She is the first girl from Whitfield who has made it to state,” Whitfield coach Jill Starr said. “There was a boy, Michael Gardner, about eight years ago who made it to state.” Klutke beat Clinton’s Adriane Dehn in her opening match 6-1, 6-1. She followed that with a 6-3, 6-1 win over Chillicothe’s Sydnie Whiteside to make the semifinals. However, Klutke’s run ended ...

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Students collect PJs for sick kids

The Early Childhood Center at Central School Road recently held a pajama drive and collected 128 children’s pajamas for St. Louis Children’s Hospital. The pajama drive was held in honor of Colytn, an early childhood student who has been battling a serious liver condition and is being treated at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. The pajama drive also was part of the school’s continuing character education program and held in celebration of the Francis Howell School District’s 100th birthday. The school set a goal to collect 100 pajamas to commemorate district’s centennial. Thanks to the generosity of the center’s students, parents ...

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1 year ago

Crossings Storage Lot has been approved for a vacant tract of land along T.R. Hughes Boulevard near Hwy. 79.

Crossings Storage Lot has been approved for a vacant tract of land along T.R. Hughes Boulevard near ...