Be good to your garden by protecting native pollinators

Bees may occasionally have a prickly personality, but the Center for Native Pollinator Conservation at the St. Louis Zoo is working to protect the fickle bug all the same. Seeing as how the survival of 80 percent of flowering plants hinges on having animals to shuffle pollen around, bees and other pollinator insects form the cornerstone of almost any ecosystem. According to the Zoo, almost 25 percent of birds and a wide range of mammals, from squirrels to bears, feed on fruits and seeds that are a product of pollination. Seventy-five percent of plants grown worldwide for food, condiments, spices ...

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Great gardens start with tips from a master gardener

Temperatures in the 70s can have inexperienced gardeners chomping at the bit to dig a hole and plant something – tomatoes, pole beans, zucchini, anything. But experienced gardeners know that for everything there is a season and a few scattered days of summer temperatures are not good enough when it comes to planting what will hopefully mature into bumper crops. When it comes to planting a vegetable garden, the best rule of thumb is to wait until the soil and air temperatures are no lower than 45˚F at night (unless you’re prepared to cover your plants) and at least 55˚F ...

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Eight tips for hiring a contractor

For most families, their home is their most valuable investment, so when it comes to making changes, repairs or improvements, it’s important to find the right company to do the work – one that is experienced, easy to work with, reputable and accountable.

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Better safe than sorry

Hail, strong winds and pounding rain – the past few weeks have not produced the gentle April showers made famous in song and verse.

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Thomas Sowell – Two Warnings

Thomas Sowell

When Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed a joint session of Congress on March 3rd, it was the third time he had done so. The only other person to address a joint session of Congress three times was the legendary British prime minister Winston Churchill.

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Jobless rates edged up in January

St. Charles County’s jobless rate jumped in January to its highest level since last August, but the rate was still the lower that month than the state, nation and among Missouri counties in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

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Got tickets?

If Senate Bill 5, an adaptation of Missouri's Mack Creek Law, passes the House, small cities may have to part with a sizable amount of traffic ticket revenue. And that's causing concern for some city officials.

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5 months ago

Crossings Storage Lot has been approved for a vacant tract of land along T.R. Hughes Boulevard near Hwy. 79.

Crossings Storage Lot has been approved for a vacant tract of land along T.R. Hughes Boulevard near ...