Route N to be renamed in Dardenne Prairie

A portion of St. Charles County's Route N is on the verge of being renamed Town Square Avenue. The renaming of the thoroughfare is part of Dardenne Prairie’s rebranding efforts, within its longer-term comprehensive plan.

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Brighter future anticipated for Dardenne Town Square

The Dardenne Town Square mall had been in receivership for about a year and a half before being purchased in January 2019 by California investor. The new owner appointed a new property manager to more aggressively fill all currently open space in the mall.

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Dardenne Prairie mayor encourages use of Vulcan logic in North Hanley Road project

City governments face a constant challenge in weighing the needs and desires of most residents against the needs and desires of a few residents. For the North Hanley Road project, two homeowners requested eliminating some sidewalks; however, all of the other homeowners reacted positively to the project plan, especially after they understood the full extent of the improvements, including the new sidewalks.

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