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Talent Bash 2014

Talent Bash 2014

The 4th annual Talent Bash will be held Saturday, May 17th at the Central Park Amphitheater, just west of Chesterfield Mall, so enter now to show off your talent!  Auditions will be screened and selected to perform at the event.  Auditions can demonstrate any type of talent in any genre or category i.e. dance troupe, church choir, solo singer, juggler, comedian, solo musician, variety acts etc.

The deadline to enter is almost here.

How To Participate

Read the rules, then submit your audition video either 1) online using the form below, or 2) through the mail.  See details below.  By submitting your audition video, you are agreeing that you have read and understand the following rules and regulations:

The Rules  – you may download a copy of the rules by clicking here.

  1. Only one entry per performer.
  2. All acts must run between 3-5 minutes, with all acts prohibited from exceeding the five minute mark.  The beginning of an act will be determined by the first vocal expression, first body movement or first musical sound.
  3. All acts chosen must present themselves one hour before the act is scheduled to perform.
  4. No fire will be allowed on stage at anytime.
  5. Performers must attend a rehearsal with the rehearsal date to be determined.
  6. No lip syncing.
  7. Acts must be safe and appropriate for all audiences.  There will be no profanity, sex or violence.
  8. All acts must provide their own props.
  9. Talent Bash 2014 reserves the right to cancel any act, even if it does not violate a rule contained in this document or list.
  10. If using a pre-recorded tape or audio CD, there may not be any similar talent on the tape, such as tap or vocals that may confuse the judges.
  11. If using a cassette tape, your tape must be cued properly to the beginning of audio accompanying your performance.  Bash volunteers cannot be held responsible for a tape that is not cued or recorded improperly.  In addition, all tapes must be picked up after the event and identified clearly with name and address.
  12. Bash Productions is not responsible for theft or damage, injury of any kind to persons or properties before, during, or after the performance.
  13. Bash Productions reserves the right to use contestant’s name and or photo and or submitted audition for event publicity purposes.
  14. Contestants will be judged by the following criterion: Presentation 25%, Creativity 25%, Ability 25% and Audience Appeal 25%.
  15. All audition tapes/ videos / DVDs become the property of West County Talent Bash, and will not be returned.

Submit your Audition Online

First, upload your performance video to YouTube.  After confirming you’ve successfully uploaded your performance and it appears on YouTube, fill out the form below.  All fields are required.

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Submit your Audition through the mail

As an alternative to uploading your performance to YouTube, you may mail your audition.  Please mail your audition materials, either DVD or VHS, in a package that assures the safety of your materials.  St Louis Bash Productions and West County Talent Show will not be held responsible for damaged DVDs or tapes.  You must include a completed audition form, which you can download here, with your package.

Mail your package to:

West Newsmagazine
West County Talent Bash
754 Spirit 40 Park Dr.
Chesterfield, MO 63005

All tapes and DVDs become the property of West County Talent Bash and will not be returned.  West County Talent Bash will not be held responsible for any missing information which causes a group or act to be removed from consideration, so make sure you print and fill out the audition entry form and send it with your audition materials.


If you have questions or require more information, contact stlhomefires@sbcglobal.net.

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