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Letter to the Editor: Regarding ‘Just do it’

To the Editor:  I recently caught up on articles from your publication. The “Just do it” opinion piece is clearly shared by many and in our current political world has established yet another battleground. I have a recommendation for you regarding final thoughts in the last two paragraphs that read: “It’s neither kneeling nor standing for the National Anthem. Rather, it is kneeling to help someone up who has fallen regardless of circumstance, reward or risk. It is standing up for those in need. That is courage. Just do it. Help someone. It’s what our nation and world needs.”  That ...

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Editorial: A reason to vote

Every year, around this time, we write an editorial encouraging our readers to vote. Most years, a couple of weeks from now, we end up just a little disappointed at how few of us did.  That is probably not accurate – we lack the tools to measure how many of our actual readers voted – so it is more appropriate to say that we are nearly always disappointed in the overall turnout. So this year, for the Nov. 6 elections, we are going to come at this a bit differently. First, we are not simply asking you to vote. We ...

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