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Applauding Gov. Perry

To the Editor: I applaud Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s (R-Texas) decision to send the Texas National Guard to augment the U.S. border patrol, which is overwhelmed by a massive influx of illegal aliens crossing our southern border and hamstrung by the lack of support from our national government. Without the support of the federal government this will cost the citizens ...

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Not better together

To the Editor: The article “Are We Better Together” by Dan Fox in the July 9 issue of West Newsmagazine was very interesting. It showed that when Louisville, Kentucky, combined with Jefferson County in 2003 it resulted in a savings of $700,000 per year. That sounds like a lot of money until you divide it among the 694,784 residents and ...

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Protect your constitutional rights

We have a federal government that chooses which laws they will abide by and which laws they will ignore. Yet we as citizens are expected to abide by every law and regulation, even those that are in violation of our US Constitution. Federal agencies are ignoring our Constitution and targeting those who disagree with the current administration. Congress passes 200 ...

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Thomas Sowell – Bordering on Madness

In a recent confrontation between protesters against the illegal flood of unaccompanied children into the United States and counter-protests by some Hispanic group, one man from the latter group said angrily, “We are as good as you are!” One of the things that make the history of clashes over race or ethnicity such a history of tragedies around the world ...

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Total Recall

Think about this for a second: In 2013, there were 45 percent more cars recalled than there were cars sold. Over the past decade, recalls are up 4 percent while sales are down 10 percent. This year automakers will easily eclipse a rather dubious mark and surpass 2004’s record of 30 million total cars recalled. Most famously, GM has issued ...

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Ellisville development

To the Editor: Ellisville resident Robert Kerr’s criticism of our Economic Development Commission is not shared by the rest of us residents. Walmart was only coming to Ellisville if we taxpayers gave them over $10 million in tax increment financing. Other businesses, including the “mom and pop” ones, did not get a dime from Ellisville. How long would his idea ...

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Regarding Common Core

To the Editor: Wow! Your June 25 issue had two powerful articles. Tricia Reichardt’s Letter to the Editor, “Common Core: The real stealth jihad,” was a knockout description of how Common Core lowers the learning bar. Overwhelm, Overpower, and Overtake were three detailed sections describing destruction of each child’s unique talents to follow distant strangers’ agenda. Parents’ protests are ignored. ...

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Has World War III begun?

To the Editor: How are we going to know when World War III has begun? I mean the non-nuclear WW3. Does it start with the capture of Crimea by Russians? Does it start with the Chinese military declaring its dominance over Japanese, Philippine and Vietnamese islands in the South and East China Seas? Does it start with poison gas used ...

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Thomas Sowell – Lawsuits and Impeachment

Whenever Democrats are in real trouble politically, the Republicans seem to come up with something new that distracts the public’s attention from the Democrats’ problems. Who says Republicans are not compassionate? With public opinion polls showing President Obama’s sinking approval rate, in the wake of his administration’s multiple fiascoes and scandals — the disgraceful treatment of veterans who need medical ...

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Thomas Sowell – America’s Birthday

Birthdays are supposed to be times for celebration and gift-giving. But America’s upcoming birthday on the Fourth of July is a time when the gift most needed is an urgent warning about the dangers of losing the things that have made this country America — and have long made “America” a ringing word of freedom, not only in this country ...

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