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Defending right-to-work

I want to set the record straight. Missouri voters knew the outcome of the 2016 Missouri governor’s race would determine the fate of right-to-work in our state.

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What it takes to drain the swamp

I tune out the media on both side these days. All of the political debate from news stations and fake news outlets is pointless and a waste of time. In my opinion, any intelligent person will do the same.

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Solar eclipse filtering

Not mentioned in the interesting article about our upcoming solar eclipse is the awesome viewing of the eclipse in a natural setting where the sun’s rays are filtered through woodland coverage.

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Defining fascism

Dennis Prager’s editorials [June 7 and 14] state his belief that we are fighting a second civil war. I would respectfully suggest that Mr. Prager needs to research the definition of fascism.

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Respecting the president

I do find it interesting that letters are written about respecting the president. While I agree with the comments most are making, I would give them more support if these same people had written about President Obama.

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Dangerous philosophies

During Hillary Clinton’s time in the limelight, she put forth two philosophical premises that were ruinous to our country.

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Regarding the proposed Children’s Museum

I’m sure we, the taxpayers, will be told this is the Great Comprehensive Master Plan that the city of Lake Saint Louis overwhelmingly voted on. The only problem with the city’s master plan is that the residents weren’t given a fair chance.

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