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More tips for surviving a disaster

Great cover story on disaster prep. We are lucky to have professionals like Hunt, Thiemann and Yeomans; however, your article gives false expectations that these folks will be able to come to the rescue on an as-needed basis. That will not happen. It is up to individuals and families to prepare for a minimum of 72 hours.

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The right to health care

Here we go again, this time it’s a Medicaid work requirement. The Trump administration could not repeal the Affordable Care Act, so they are taking another approach to take away health coverage. 

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Defending right-to-work

I want to set the record straight. Missouri voters knew the outcome of the 2016 Missouri governor’s race would determine the fate of right-to-work in our state.

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What it takes to drain the swamp

I tune out the media on both side these days. All of the political debate from news stations and fake news outlets is pointless and a waste of time. In my opinion, any intelligent person will do the same.

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Solar eclipse filtering

Not mentioned in the interesting article about our upcoming solar eclipse is the awesome viewing of the eclipse in a natural setting where the sun’s rays are filtered through woodland coverage.

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Defining fascism

Dennis Prager’s editorials [June 7 and 14] state his belief that we are fighting a second civil war. I would respectfully suggest that Mr. Prager needs to research the definition of fascism.

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Respecting the president

I do find it interesting that letters are written about respecting the president. While I agree with the comments most are making, I would give them more support if these same people had written about President Obama.

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