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Letters To The Editor

Protect your constitutional rights

We have a federal government that chooses which laws they will abide by and which laws they will ignore. Yet we as citizens are expected to abide by every law and regulation, even those that are in violation of our US Constitution. Federal agencies are ignoring our Constitution and targeting those who disagree with the current administration. Congress passes 200 to 300 new laws every year but federal agencies issue 3,000 or more new regulations each year. HHS on the so-called affordable health care act alone has issued 11,000 pages of new regulations. We have a government that is simply ...

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Ellisville development

To the Editor: Ellisville resident Robert Kerr’s criticism of our Economic Development Commission is not shared by the rest of us residents. Walmart was only coming to Ellisville if we taxpayers gave them over $10 million in tax increment financing. Other businesses, including the “mom and pop” ones, did not get a dime from Ellisville. How long would his idea of the increase in sales tax collection take to offset that over $10 million taxpayer freebie to Walmart? As for that Tri-Star Mercedes-Benz dealership closer to Wildwood, why would Ellisville need a city hall that far out in an oversized ...

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Regarding Common Core

To the Editor: Wow! Your June 25 issue had two powerful articles. Tricia Reichardt’s Letter to the Editor, “Common Core: The real stealth jihad,” was a knockout description of how Common Core lowers the learning bar. Overwhelm, Overpower, and Overtake were three detailed sections describing destruction of each child’s unique talents to follow distant strangers’ agenda. Parents’ protests are ignored. No law was passed, just “executive-style” orders from CEOs and the White House. As a retired teacher, I also loved reading the cover story, “Fanning the Flames of Success – Parkway School District is poised to ignite a spark for ...

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Has World War III begun?

To the Editor: How are we going to know when World War III has begun? I mean the non-nuclear WW3. Does it start with the capture of Crimea by Russians? Does it start with the Chinese military declaring its dominance over Japanese, Philippine and Vietnamese islands in the South and East China Seas? Does it start with poison gas used against civilians in Syria? Does it start with radical Muslim ISIS combat troops capturing a large part of Syrian and Iraqi territory? Does it start with the capture of 300 school girls in Nigeria? Does it start with the kidnapping ...

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Enacting Article V of the U.S. Constitution

To the Editor: Many of us in St. Charles County are convinced that the federal government, over several decades, has expanded its authority and control of citizens’ lives in many ways. In recent years this trend has increased its scope. It seems to me, and many others, that the federal government – all branches – is very unlikely to begin reducing its influence and control on the populace. While we might make some small inroads into correcting this dilemma – even if some significant number of more conservative representatives and senators are elected – the very same dynamics we currently ...

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‘The problem with politicians’ responses

To the Editor: Your June 25 editorial “The Problem with Politicians” addresses a very important issue. But it’s not as if we, as citizens and voters, don’t have control over this. We have simply let the system get away from us. Frequently, we elect people for all the wrong reasons, They tell us what we want to hear and we are willing to believe it. Or they run disgusting ads (funded by big money interests) and we cast our votes on the basis of those ads. Or we look first at gender or ethnicity or whoever is the most photogenic ...

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Economic Development in Ellisville

To the Editor: I read in wonderment the article on the filling of the Economic Development Commission in Ellisville (West Newsmagazine, June 25). I wonder, “If a K-Mart closes, can Walmart now be built? One of the reasons Walmart was not built was because it would put out of business the so called “mom and pop” stores, which I think some in the community cited. Maybe the newly hired economic development consultant, Eugene Norber, could approach Walmart to see if they would like to build a store on the corner of Clarkson and Manchester or at the empty Best Buy ...

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