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What if …

To the Editor: With every other rational person, I listened with great disappointment about the people murdered in the church in South Carolina.

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Historical ignorance

Regarding the so-called “discussion” that St. Louis Mayor F. Slay has called for regarding the Confederate monument in Forest Park, I won’t get into reasons here pro or con, but I would like to comment on the many letters and blogs that have been submitted on the matter.

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It’s pseudoephedrine season

To the Editor: Recent news stories have once again brought attention to the success of the National Precursor Log Exchange (NPLEx) in Missouri. NPLEx helps law enforcement officers track the sale of pseudoephedrine products and ensure that they do not get into the hands of a small group of criminals who misuse the vital allergy medicine to make meth. In 2014 alone, NPLEx helped block the sale of over 90,000 boxes to criminals in Missouri. Unfortunately, despite the success of NPLEx, some in our state – including Lt. Jason Grellner, commander of the Franklin County Narcotics Enforcement Unit – are ...

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Baltimore mom

We have all seen the Baltimore mother who chased her son home after seeing him among the rioters. Good for her.

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Educate, don’t erase Missouri’s history

Mayor Francis Slay’s misguided attempt to rewrite the history of our nation, our state, and our city by either removing the Confederate Memorial in Forest Park or making some sanctimonious gesture to change its inscription will achieve nothing.

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To the Editor

I always read the letters to the editor in your newsmagazine but didn’t know you were at a loss for filling your in-box. So, since you asked for more letters, here it is. Consider this the first in a series of common sense ideas to get the federal government on the right track. Let’s start with Social Security.

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Another disappointing school board election

To the Editor: Once again the NEA has managed to hi-jack the county school board elections. My belief is a candidate must be liberal and support the NEA’s doctrine to get their endorsement. Convicted felon? That’s OK as long as he meets the criteria. The NEA has managed to stack every school board in the county with liberal-leaning people. How does that happen in a predominantly Republican voting constituency? I believe there a number of reasons. The elections are in April and many people do not vote. The NEA uses its influence to get the teachers out to vote. The ...

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A call to action

To the Editor: Attention PWSD #2 customers, your sewer bills will be going up in the near future. If this is a concern, please come to the next two or three monthly meetings. Very soon the PWSD #2 will be deciding on either a heavy maintenance lift station system or a low maintenance gravity repair or replacement. This will be determined by the PWSD #2 Board of Directors. Lake Saint Louis streets and yards will be torn up for the next 10 years or longer. Our community needs to stay involved and informed. Please come to the meetings and find ...

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