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Letters To The Editor

The 60 vote rule

The present furor over the 2016 presidential election is meaningless because of the 60-vote cloture rule in the U.S. Senate.

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For Thomas Sowell

To the Editor: Your column in this week’s Mid Rivers Newsmagazine (Oct. 18) gave me cause to write you.

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Responding to ‘Wake up, Americans’

I agree wholeheartedly in principle with Mr. Hill’s letter in the Sept. 16 issue of West Newsmagazine, expressing a wish for this country to return to its earlier values. But I’m afraid that we’re too late.

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The root cause of big government 

No one among the political candidates is talking about the real issue that allows and promotes an overreaching government that threatens our liberty and our freedom. Everyone wants to talk about Planned Parenthood, government shutdowns (ha, ha), immigration, etc.

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Let our military protect themselves

To the editor: After the recent lone wolf shootings of our active military, it is unconscionable they are not permitted to carry a weapon for self-protection. It’s cruel they are left defenseless!

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Stillborn tax exemption 

To the Editor: “For all taxable years beginning on or after January 1, 2015, for each birth for which a certificate of birth resulting in stillbirth has been issued under section 193.165, a taxpayer may claim the exemption under subsection 1 of this section only in the taxable year in which the stillbirth occurred, if the child otherwise would have been a member of the taxpayer’s household.”

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In response to ‘What if …’

I read with great interest and dismay the lettre entitled “What if ...” (“Letters to the Editor,” West Newsmagazine, July 22) and quite honestly I was confused and appalled.

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Dangerous movement afoot

To the Editor: There is a subtle, insidious and dangerous movement afoot these days. It seeks to replace our constitutionally-protected right to “the free exercise of religion” with a narrower and more restrictive “freedom to worship.”

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