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Dozens of cars damaged in Lake Saint Louis fire

State Fire Marshals are investigating a Lake Saint Louis fire that left over 30 vehicles damaged, some of which were completely consumed by the flames. On July 28, at approximately 2:45 a.m., Lake Saint Louis Police Officers and local fire protection districts responded to Camden Cedar Lake apartments for a fire in the parking area underneath the carport structures. According to Lake Saint Louis Lieutenant Pat Doering, the origins of the fire are reported as coming from a single vehicle in the carport. There is currently no exact total on the amount of vehicles destroyed by the fire, but Doering ...

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Committee to Restore America meets July 29 at St. Peters City Hall

The Committee to Restore America 912 holds a meeting at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, July 29 at St. Peters City Hall. Committee member George Nagel said that the meeting is in regards to putting a petition on the November ballot, which would let the St. Charles County sheriff retain his powers of constitutional protection. Nagel said that a charter amendment that passed in 2012 will limit the authority and scope of the Sherriff’s powers, starting Jan. 1 2015. The petition discussed is available at area libraries on Saturday, Aug 2.  For more information, contact georgeRN@sbcglobal.net, or Gary.Feller@att.net. Email this page

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O’Fallon to hold Veteran Benefit Fair

The O’Fallon Veteran’s Commission is hosting a Veterans Benefit Fair on Aug. 23 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at O’Fallon City Hall. The event will feature workshops hosted by local businesses to help veterans and the families of veterans, according to City Councilmember Rick Battelle (Ward 3). “We’ve got a lot of effort going forward from many companies to support our veterans that are in our community and throughout St. Charles County,” Battelle said. Sheldon Hartsfield, Chairman of the Veteran’s Commission, said there would be four main categories of workshops at the fair: medical, employment, education and finances. “These ...

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Local care center has resources available to help with home repairs

When squirrels started wreaking havoc in her attic this winter, Janet could not afford to solve the problem on her own. The 66-year-old St. Charles senior lives on a fixed income, and home repairs are not in her budget. “I live in double-wide mobile home, and it was windy earlier this year,” Janet explained. “Wind blew off part of my mobile home, and squirrels got inside the space between the roof and the top of my house.” Calling a pest company to take care of the squirrel problem was not feasible for her, she said. “I’m a senior and I ...

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Elections Preview: St. Charles County

In anticipation of the Aug. 5 primary election, St. Charles County candidates were invited to answer the following questions: Why are you running and what are your priorities if elected? What are your qualifications for holding public office?

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Kirkwood decision may give new life to a texting ban in Lake Saint Louis

A proposed ordinance that would have banned adult drivers from electronic messaging or texting while driving a motor vehicle in Lake Saint Louis may not be dead after all. Alderman John Pellerito (Ward 3), who sponsored the bill that was dropped on May 19, said he plans to discuss the bill again with aldermen. He made the comments in light of Kirkwood’s decision on July 3 to enact a similar bill, although he agreed with police officials that a local law prohibiting texting would be difficult to enforce. “I don’t know what you (the board) think about that but I’m ...

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Pavement being laid as Hwy. 364 project enters final stretch

Graded dirt began to give way to pavement earlier this month as construction continued on the third and final phase of Hwy. 364, also known as the Page extension. A large concrete batching plant and paver have been at work since July 9 laying down the first 26-foot lanes on the final 9-mile leg of the extension. Page Constructors Joint Venture, a group of companies joined together as the major contractor for the project, began paving between Hwy. K and Interstate 64. David Simmons, the project director for the Missouri Department of Transportation, said that paving will begin on the ...

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Election Commission asked to reimburse political subdivisions for ‘overcharges’

St. Charles County Elections Director Rich Chrismer says he isn’t trying to block payments to local political subdivisions for election costs. “No one has been overcharged,” Chrismer said in an interview on July 15. But County Auditor Brent Statler and Finance Director Bob Schnur want Chrismer to reimburse the political subdivisions for what they say are overcharges. In a letter to Chrismer on July 11 released last week, they state that Chrismer agreed in May to return $113,000 in federal election grant funds to the Missouri Secretary of State’s office. The state’s review found that local jurisdictions had been overcharged, ...

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