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Backpack safety for better spine health

Kids from kindergarten through college are once again filling their backpacks with books and supplies for the upcoming school year. Unfortunately, for many students that also means dealing with back problems.

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Risks of excessive screen time becoming clear

Health experts nationwide are expressing increasing concern about the effects of time spent looking at phones, computers, tablets and TVs on the well-being of all Americans. A growing amount of data clearly suggests that, when it comes to screen time, less is more.

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New device adds to sleep apnea treatment options

Frequent snoring can be loud, irritating, and exhausting for spouses and partners who may feel like they’re sharing a bed with a chainsaw. But if it’s a symptom of sleep apnea – when a sleeping person actually stops breathing over and over due to airway blockage – snoring can be far more than just an annoyance.

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Games ‘exercise’ the mind, body and spirit

For older adults, keeping the mind active is just as important as maintaining physical fitness and strength. But brain “workouts” don’t have to be drudgery – exercising the brain can be made both easy and enjoyable by playing a variety of games.

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