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O’Fallon hosts National Blood Donor Drive, Jan. 13

o help local blood banks maintain adequate supplies this winter, O’Fallon will host a National Volunteer Donor Month Blood Drive on Friday, Jan. 13, from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. at the O’Fallon Municipal Centre [City Hall], 100 North Main Street.

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Club Fitness Heroes Weekend; free workouts for Military, First Responders Nov. 11-13

Club Fitness salutes all military and first responders with Club Fitness Heroes Weekend, offering all-gym access to veterans, active military, police, EMT and firefighters at all 23 locations over Veterans Day weekend, Nov. 11-13. Heroes Weekend participants simply need to check in and show their ID cards at the front desk. They are able to check in any time the club is staffed starting at 8 a.m. on Nov. 11, 12 and 13. “We wanted to honor the dedicated people who protect and serve our country, so we’d like to invite them into our gyms to enjoy all of our equipment and ...

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Health Capsules

Novel kidney stone solution One in 10 Americans at some point will have a kidney stone and more than half a million people per year visit an emergency room for kidney stone treatment, according to the National Kidney Foundation. Now, researchers report, passing a kidney stone could be accomplished with a simple roller coaster ride. After several people reported they had passed a kidney stone after riding the Big Thunder Mountain roller coaster at Walt Disney World in Orlando, a Michigan State University urology professor set up an investigational study. With permission from Disney officials, researchers placed a silicone model ...

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Emergency training empowers local student to give lifesaving aid

During a car ride in late summer, 9-year-old Camden Prater began choking on a waffle cone she was eating. As her mom, Kim, pulled the car over, her 12-year-old  brother, Kyle, jumped into action. “I’ve got this,” Kyle said as he unfastened Camden’s seat belt and began performing the Heimlich Maneuver, dislodging the cone almost instantly. “I am so proud of Kyle. It literally took about five seconds to free her airway, the longest five seconds of my life. She started crying and squeezing him. I went from so scared to proud and relieved in a matter of 10 seconds,” ...

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Deadly days of summer

The summer driving season is underway, and if this summer is like the past five, there will be a significant spike in the number of people been killed in crashes involving teen drivers.

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How healthy is St. Charles County?

Partners for Progress [PfP] of Greater St. Charles County wants St. Charles to bring itself and its community closer to the health and longevity enjoyed by the healthiest people around the world. Despite St. Charles county being ranked first in Health Outcomes and Health Factors in Missouri, there is community health data compiled by our local hospitals that show persistent heath challenges for county residents, including access to health care, obesity, mental health and substance abuse, and dental/oral health. PfP wants to take action in hopes of helping their citizens enjoy optimal health for a long and happy life. One ...

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