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New peanut allergy drug on the horizon

N new medical treatment to help children with peanut allergy may be available soon. In late September, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Allergenic Products Advisory Committee voted in favor of approving a drug called Palforzia, a medicine designed to minimize both the incidence and severity of allergic reactions in kids between the ages of 4 and 17 with peanut allergies.

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Fewer financially successful men equals fewer marriages

According to the most recent U.S. Census Bureau data, more people between the ages of 18 and 34 lived with their parents than with a spouse in 2016. Although there are a number of reasons for the marriage decline, part of the explanation is a growing scarcity of “economically attractive” men as potential marriage partners, say researchers at Cornell University.

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Sugary drinks may contribute to early death

A large, long-term study shows that sugar-sweetened beverages [SSBs] including sodas, energy and sports drinks, fruit drinks and others, are the single largest source of added sugar in the average American’s diet. It also found that the more of those beverages people consume, the greater their risk of dying early, particular of cardiovascular disease and to a lesser extent from cancer. The risk was higher among women than men.

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‘Co-sleeping’ with infants leads to guilt, depression for moms

After analyzing the sleeping patterns of just over 100 new mothers, and their feelings about them, during their babies’ first year of life, researchers found that moms who were still co-sleeping with their infants after six months were 75% more likely to feel depressed, to worry about their babies’ sleep and to believe their choice was being criticized by others.

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The Rehabilitation Institute of St. Louis

After experiencing a stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury or other life-changing event, your doctor may recommend rehabilitation as the next stop on your journey to recovery. Where you choose to complete this rehabilitation makes a difference, and at The Rehabilitation Institute of St. Louis, they know that understanding the differences in the care settings and providers available to you can be overwhelming. The Rehabilitation Institute of St. Louis is an inpatient rehabilitation hospital that offers comprehensive rehabilitation services designed to help patients return to leading active and independent lives. Serving patients overcoming a variety of debilitating illnesses and injuries, ...

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Arch Advanced Pain Management

Pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined. At least 100 million adult Americans have chronic pain conditions, which are defined as pain that exists beyond the normal healing process. When it comes to treating the various forms of chronic pain, Dr. James Sturm of Arch Advanced Pain Management/Find A Better You is down to earth, friendly and extremely passionate about helping educate his patients about pain. Dr. Sturm has three degrees in anesthesiology, pain medicine and interventional pain management. Each patient is provided with a comprehensive evaluation to determine the source of pain and develop the most ...

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