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Calling ‘Dr. Google’ not usually a good idea

When you’re faced with a sudden illness or scary new physical symptom, a frantic search of medical websites and online symptom-checking tools can be hard to resist. However, the diagnoses these sources come up with are wrong much more often than right, research shows.

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Sleep problems, depression linked in young women

Depression in women is becoming increasingly common. Statistics now show that one in every four women is likely to have at least one episode of major depression at some point in her life. In women under age 30, a major contributor to these rising rates of depression is poor or disturbed sleep, the CDC recently reported.

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Contact tracing apps a tough sell so far in the U.S.

While a few states have begun to release mobile apps to help contain the spread of COVID-19 among their residents, these apps have also created concerns about users’ personal privacy. As a result, very few people in those states have downloaded them so far – the highest utilization rate is just 2%, according to data gathered in late May.

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How to make washing dishes healthier for the planet

The University of Michigan and Michigan-based Whirlpool Corp., the nation’s largest dishwasher manufacturer, recently cooperated to produce guidelines for environmentally conscious consumers who want to make their daily dishwashing chores as “green” as possible.

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Health insurance worries

A large percentage of middle-aged adults approaching Medicare eligibility are concerned about the rapid rise of health insurance costs, and many more worry about the cost and availability of healthcare when they retire or if federal health policies change, according to a recently published survey.

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