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Family fun for everyone!

Celebrate St. Peters

Celebrate St. Peters offers a wide variety of family activities and entertainment for kids of all ages in the Community News Family Area, located near the carnival and marina. 

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The good old days

Let’s pause and try to wrap our minds around the idea of a U.S. presidential election campaign that starts two months before election day. I think I better understand the phrase “the good old days.”

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Smoking ban

Those against a smoking ban often resort to either negative name labels to describe non-smokers – “weak, thought-challenged, do-gooders” or society’s default response, “It’s my right.”

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Regarding right to work

So, when some of our elected representatives express interest in re-introducing similar legislation in the future, they do so knowing that a far larger number of Missourians supported their positions [including right-to-work] in an election where the overwhelming majority of eligible voters actually participated.

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HHW collection season ends at Recycle Works Central Sept. 29

Household hazardous waste materials

The collection of household hazardous waste materials at Recycle Works Central concludes each year at the end of September. To recognize the end of the season, the division will host a special collection from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 29 at the Recycle Works Central location only.

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