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Clarendale of St. Peters

Clarendale adoption event

Clarendale of St. Peters senior living community offers innovative and creative memory care solutions in addition to independent living and assisted living. Their latest initiative, a baby shower with a mass adoption ceremony, is just one great example.

In partnership with Angel Embrace, every resident in the Clarendale of St. Peters memory care neighborhood received a baby doll to help combat occasional bouts of loneliness, anxiety and agitation.

“It’s been approximately three months since the residents received their adopted children, and our dedicated memory care team says seeing our residents light up with their new babies is one of the highlights of 2021 so far,” said Executive Director Mark Golliday. “We’re so thankful to Angel Embrace for their kind and caring program.”

The life-size, soft and cuddly dolls were not gifts to the community – but to each resident personally – Complete with a Certificate of Adoption. The personal attachment helps inspire purposeful activity. Clarendale of St. Peters residents hold their dolls, talk to them, “feed” them – and they beam when visitors and staff notice and comment on their babies. The reason in simple.

Research suggests that, by interacting with baby dolls, Clarendale of St. Peters residents experience a calming effect and emotional comfort. The process of “nurturing” their dolls can reduce anxiety/agitation, ease loneliness, improve social interaction/communication and provide an outlet for purposeful activity that helps improve meaning, dignity and quality of life.

Sometimes it’s something as simple as the comfort of a baby doll to make a difference in the lives of memory care residents. At Clarendale of St. Peters, residents and their families can count on the community to provide highly skilled and dedicated care each day – all part of the Heartfelt CONNECTIONS – A Memory Care Program.®

Individuals interested in learning more about memory care at Clarendale of St. Peters can call (636) 706-5100 or visit ClarendaleofStPeters.com. The community, in addition to memory care, offers independent living and assisted living all under one roof at 10 DuBray Drive in St. Peters.

 10 DuBray Drive • St. Peters636.706.5100 • www.ClarendaleOfStPeters.com

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