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Voting taking place now for Cuivre River board

Voting for candidates to fill four, three-year term seats on Cuivre River Electric Cooperative’s (CREC) Board of Directors, and voting on a cooperative bylaw proposition will close on Aug. 23. 

Candidates are as follows (incumbents have an asterisk following their name):

• Lincoln County District 3: David R. Henke Sr., Michael “Mick” Burkemper*, John T. Waddell

• Warren County District 2: David Avis, Steve Coffey (no incumbent in this district)

• St. Charles County District 1: Bruce Miller, Mark Schulte*

• St. Charles County District 5: David Schuler, Dale Anderson*, Darrell Dechant

The proposed bylaw change is to amend the cooperative bylaws to allow the board to specifically retire capital credits of inactive members.

The voting process is being handled by the independent firm of Survey and Ballot Systems (SBS), based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

Candidate bios are available when voting via a secure internet site, by paper ballot, or in person. Bios are also available online at cuivre.com/voterguide. Members may vote online until 11:59 p.m. on Aug. 23. Paper ballots must be received at SBS by the close of business on Aug. 23.

Members also have the option to vote in person at the CREC’s Annual Meeting at 4 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 26 at the cooperative’s headquarters in Troy.

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