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Letter to the Editor: Regarding ‘Francis Howell and CRT’

To the Editor: 

I also was at the July 15 Francis Howell Board of Education meeting when critical race theory was discussed. Sen. Bill Eigel was there too. 

I think out of respect for the office they (elected officials) should have had a voice in this, as they represent the majority of the population. Also out of respect for the public more time should have been allowed for the public speaking time as the room was about 70% against this CRT teaching. 

I am a retired IT director and have hired Black, Asian and white workers. It is not about color, it is about performance. 

Allowing a 9-year-old to speak was disingenuous as a 9-year-old cannot fully understand or comprehend the scope and magnitude of this teaching. Her parents should have been the spokespersons. If students are allowed to speak, they should have their own time and not take up the public’s (taxpayers’) time. 

I pay $2,000 to the school yearly and was not allowed to speak. 

Michael Kern

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