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Recycling for a greener planet, greener wallet

Adam Orf presents a check to Ronald McDonald House Charities.
Adam Orf presents a check to Ronald McDonald House Charities.

While many options and avenues exist for paper and plastic recycling services, items like electronics or scrap metals can be more difficult to dispose of to entities that are not fully equipped to handle them. Thankfully, Didion Orf Recycling, Inc. provides both residential and industrial clients with convenient and safe scrap metal recycling services.

Located next to Recycle City in St. Peters, Didion Orf is a family-owned and operated certified R2/RIOS electronics recycler that has been operating since 2001. Their certifications – and multiple years of experience – guarantee that any electronic scrap will be recycled safely and responsibly in an environment that follows strict environmental, health and safety regulations.

Didion Orf can safely recycle materials like ferrous metals (prepared steel, sheet iron) and non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper). Individuals can even bring their unwanted or lightly used electronics and have them safely recycled. They even make sure the data on these devices is destroyed, meaning individuals have peace of mind after recycling old personal machines. For those who want to keep records, certificates of destruction are available upon request. 

After the materials are brought to their facility, Didion Orf pays people for recycled goods. All their prices are listed online for customer convenience. 

“A lot of other scrap metal recyclers don’t list their prices, meaning you have to call,” Marketing Coordinator Deborah Janik said. “We make it easier.”

Didion Orf also partners with the Ronald McDonald House, and should individuals choose, they can forward their payout toward that agency.

To learn more or view their list of costs, visit didionorfrecycling.com.

 206 Didion Drive • St. Peters

(636) 397-6060


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