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Providing relief from chronic pain

The Centers for Disease Control has found in recent years that an estimated 20% of U.S. adults have had chronic pain. That’s about 50 million people.

While the pain can be brought on by a myriad of factors, like stress and medical conditions, some may feel at a loss when trying to find a provider than can not only help them determine the cause behind the pain, but also to find relief.

Morningstar Neuropathy & Pain Treatment Center, LLC is one such provider. Their primary goal is to assist individuals in the community of all ages who are suffering from the effects of chronic pain without the use of drugs. They can treat pain in knees, backs and necks; and even sciatica. Their state-of-the-art medical therapy in St. Charles County also helps those with symptoms associated with peripheral neuropathy.

However, Morningstar believes in treating the source of pain, not just its symptoms. 

For example, they are the only St. Charles County provider offering the Sanexas therapy program, an electric nerve stimulation therapy treatment option that focuses on repairing nerve signals for relief from chronic pain. The program was originally offered at their other location in Glen Carbon, Illinois, but proved to be so popular that they brought it to their St. Charles County location.

Don’t let chronic pain rule your life. Let the experienced team at Morningstar Neuropathy & Pain Treatment Center, LLC design a program personalized to you. Call today to schedule a free consultation.

 4710 Mexico Road • St. Peters

(636) 244 0124


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