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Eliminate those annoying squeaks

Scott Diebold, The Squeak Guy

Annoying household squeaks can be eliminated with help from Squeak Stoppers. Squeak Stoppers has been able to provide peace and quiet to thousands of families and homeowners within the region for over a decade. Owner Scott Diebold has a vast knowledge of home construction and the friction that comes from flooring and other building materials.

Squeak Stoppers can take the squeaks out of hardwood floors, carpet, vinyl and tile on the first or second floor of a home, with finished or unfinished basements. But not all squeaks come from floors.

“There are other things, like duct work, gas lines, floor joists and even walls that can squeak,” Diebold said. “That is where we come in. Our vast knowledge of home construction and squeak stopping aids us in a quick turnaround with non-invasive techniques.”

Because every home is different, Squeak Stoppers starts by assessing the floors in a home with a free consultation.

“As part of our assessment, we will pinpoint and survey each individual squeak so that customers will be aware of how many squeaks we can stop.

This information will also be used for our lifetime guarantee,” Diebold said.

Once the assessment has been completed, Squeak Stoppers will discuss the technique to be used on the individual home and outline the pricing structure. The process for eliminating those annoying squeaks is usually done in less than a day.

Call Squeak Stoppers today to set up a free consultation, (314) 341-9676.

Squeak Stoppers is a Better Business Bureau-accredited company.

(314) 341-9676


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