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Letter to the Editor: The trend toward socialism is not new

To the Editor: 

The two editorials in the July 7th issue have a connection. Star Parker comments on the educational system’s trend toward social liberalism and the editor writes on a “red” fear following this pandemic.  

I don’t recall the exact statistics but they go something like this: 50 years ago 90% of our colleges and universities required American history for graduation whereas that’s changed to fewer than 10% today.  Is there something “they” don’t want us to know about our own nation’s true history?

The trend toward socialism is not new. It began during our nation’s founding days in the late 1700s with the arguments of Alexander Hamilton that state sovereignty would result in chaos and that a president should be elected for life, if we can consider a central government with complete authority as a step toward socialism. The trend continued in the second generation with Sen. Henry Clay and in the third generation with our first Whig-minded president, Abraham Lincoln. Karl Marx had one foot in the White House door during Lincoln’s administration, and Lincoln has since been openly praised by none other than Mao, Hitler, Stalin and Castro. That should tell us something about this nation’s early trends toward socialism.

Let’s not forget the “red” scares of the 1900s, including McCartheyism during post World War II.

According to one theory, any nation, unless interfered with by war, pestilence or take-over by outside forces will eventually lead itself into socialism based on a single factor – population density. If that theory is true, we’re in trouble.

Communist China quickly installed birth control by law. That took care of one end of the problem but what about the other end – retirees and the elderly? Could it be that the COVID-19 virus was intended for that purpose but escaped the lab before it was perfected? We’ll never know.

Star Parker and the Editor raise interesting points, but a socialist trend in this country has been underway since our founding. And they’ve not given up. The Frankfort School maintains an office in New York City.  

Bob Arnold

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