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Students, staff collaborate on gym improvements

An online announcement confirmed that a myriad of donations given to Assumption School from various parents and organizations in the past year will go toward gym updates intended to service students and school athletes long into the future.

Assumption gym floor changes
(Source: assumptionbvmschool.org)

In the last semester of the 2020-2021 school year, Principal Dr. Patricia Hensley worked with students Benji Boss, Natalie Frazier, Molly Lawrence, Belle Lutostanski, Cate McCulloch and Colin Olsen to determine ways to improve the school’s gym area utilizing the donated funds. 

The school mascot, Crusader, will be professionally placed in center court, and the gym floor will be cleaned and re-waxed. The students were in charge of choosing the mascot they wanted on display.

A graduate honors wall is being designed in the school lobby area and will feature plaques for academic awards given at graduation.

Trophy cases are being built across from the refreshment stand.

Mascot rugs are being bought for the entrance door to the gym (from the hallway) and also to place in front of the refreshment stand near the gym.

The goal is to complete each of the upgrade ideas before the end of summer 2021.

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