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Letter to the Editor: Forgotten men and women

To the Editor:

“The Forgotten Man” by Amity Shlaes, is the story of the forgotten men and women who represent the unwitting average citizens whom the New Deal coerced into funding dubious social projects. 

Today’s forgotten men and women are people who work, pay taxes, care for their families, help others and are taken for granted and not consulted by many political and educational leaders and maligned by the “Woke.” 

The Woke, are people who suddenly became “awakened” and aware of social and racial justice problems along lines of race, gender and color. The Woke appear to believe that there are “systemic problems,” that can only be solved by government providing taxpayer trillions to more uncoordinated, nonproductive welfare programs that make the poor victims more dependent on an endless welfare system. 

The Woke educators, elected officials and news media, slant and spin narratives to everyday news to enrage, engage and control other Woke into believing that everyone is a racist, anti-immigration bigot that hates anyone that’s different. To gain power, politicians and educators pretend that citizens can’t teach their children, solve social problems and don’t want the poor to succeed. 

As one of the millions of forgotten men and women, I believe that we are helping the poor and all people succeed using our Constitution and laws that made our country great and admired by all. 

One on one is the way to understand and help others rather than a socialistic group of power-hungry representatives and educators creating controversy and passing blame and victimization rather than encouraging working together. 

Let’s stop disparaging remarks, report news without a biased spin narrative and work together. We need to trust one another and realize that most people want to help others and people helping people solves problems, not government to people.

Ray Bosenbecker

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