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Schroer calls for session aimed at preventing police defunding

State Rep. Nick Schroer (R-District 107), who represents parts of St. Charles County, called on Gov. Mike Parson on June 1 to convene a special session of state lawmakers to address concerns about violence in the state’s largest cities and efforts to defund the police.

Nick Schroer (Source: Facebook)

“Our state’s two largest cities are in crisis right now due to crime and unfortunately, a special session is the only way to address this issue and ensure that our law enforcement officers have the tools needed to have our communities safe,” Schroer said in a press conference on June 2. “In 2020, St. Louis had the worst homicide rate we’ve seen in 50 years. Two hundred and sixty-four people unjustly lost their lives to violent criminals. Kansas City also set a record for murders last year with 180 homicides. This resulted, once again, in St. Louis and Kansas City being two of America’s most deadly cities.

“Criminals are becoming incredibly brazen now days at every level due to politicians either tying the hands of law enforcement, talking about defunding the police, curtailing their powers or refusing to prosecute all but the most serious offenses like we’ve seen here in St. Louis.”

Schroer specifically pointed to efforts by new St. Louis Mayor (Tishaura) Jones to cut $4 million from the city’s police budget and comments made by Daniel Isom, the city’s interim director of public safety, who Schroer quoted as having said that law enforcement is not part of the answer in combatting crime.

In response, Jones issued this statement:

“St. Louis voters elected me to put the public back in public safety, and I’m willing to work with elected leaders who are ready to have hard conversations about the deep-rooted problems we face. But the proposed special session would be government overreach and a waste of taxpayer dollars at a time when all of us can least afford it.”

She accused Schroer of “chasing clout while I’m chasing solutions” and she invited him to visit North St. Louis and “see firsthand why my administration is investing directly into neighborhoods to address the root causes of crime.” 

As of press time, Parson had not made a decision regarding Schroer’s request.

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