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Letters to the Editor: A discussion of election law

To the Editor: 

I draw attention to Mike Briner’s letter on May 5. Mr. Briner defends a corporation’s right to economic blackmail based on the feelings of 12 or fewer board members. These members threaten economic reprisal in the community if these members disagree. These corporations threaten the jobs of people who do not work for them. They ignore the principals of the people’s right to govern, to vote, to be represented in the debate, to rule their community.  Not because there was a complaint but because this board sought power by coercion.

Civil rights groups bring law suits to change the fairness of laws based on law not the opinions of persons who may or may not even live within the scope of the law for which they seek to penalize citizens. 

Do the affected citizens agree or disagree? The electorate is not part of the process.  

These corporations want to hammer the public and then prosper by their patronage. Don’t buy their product or use their services and tell your friends.  Eventually they will get the message.  

Sharon Kumnick 

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To the Editor:

Mr. Briner wrote a nice opinion letter (Mid Rivers Newsmagazine, May 5) up to the point where he stated the “employer deemed the Georgia election law unfair and harmful to a large population of its labor force.” The law is neither unfair or harmful to any potential voter. That is a bunch of mainstream media hogwash and Democrat skullduggery. It is fair and protects legal voters from having their vote canceled by illegal votes. It actually expanded voter access in many instances. If it’s OK for these CEOs to speak from their office bull pits on such matters, why wasn’t it OK for the CEO of Mozilla to support privately, via his donations to Proposition 8, a California legislative act? He was drummed out of office. Double standards?

Mr. Briner, the only thing I agree with in your opinion in support of the “For the People Act” is that we liberty-loving Americans do find ourselves in a precarious position. The tyranny did not end with former President Trump’s so-called defeat, it started with President Joe Biden, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer gaining control of our government. 

Thank God for our founders’ foresight in preventing mob rule. This legislative nightmare should be called the “Let’s not ever have a legitimate election again” act. It federally mandates and legalizes everything that was wrong and/or illegal with the 2020 election, and violates states’ sovereignty regarding their constitutional right to determine election laws. It would perpetuate tyranny, not prevent it. It’s no surprise that every Democrat voted for it. Recall that everyone of them voted for Obamacare, How’d that work out? Right behind it is the Equality Act, another Democrat attempt to violate our religious/private beliefs, limit free speech and turn us against each other. I’d really like to see these examples of Trump’s tyrannical acts and the barriers state election laws create for voters.

Jon Schulte

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