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Coffee shop approved for Hutching Farm Plaza

Scooter’s Coffee of Omaha, Nebraska, had requested a conditional use permit (CUP) to operate a drive-thru-only coffee shop at 2500 Hwy. K in Hutching Farm Plaza. 

Bill No. 7313 to authorize the CUP was sponsored by Ward 2 council members Tom “Duke” Herweck and Lisa Thompson. At the May 27 council meeting, the bill was passed by a vote of 10-0.

The location previously housed a Starcrest Cleaners and is adjacent to a Slim 180 Weight Loss Center. Scooter’s Coffee hours of operation will be 6 a.m.-7 p.m. daily. 

(On left) Location for drive-thru coffee shop (Photo: John Tremmel)

The Planning & Zoning Commission had recommended approval of the CUP with conditions including the prohibition of outdoor storage of restaurant-related equipment (soda canisters, bread racks, floor mats), and maximum external speaker sound levels to be no higher than 60 decibels at a straight-line distance of 100 feet or greater, up to a height of 8 feet above the ground at the property line.

Residents of the adjacent Hutching Farm subdivision had expressed concerns about adding any more traffic volume to Hutching Farm Plaza, where traffic already is busy due to the existing daycare and retail spaces. Concern was also expressed over drivers cutting through the plaza to avoid the traffic signal at the intersection. 

Residents also were worried about long lines of cars waiting to get through the coffee shop drive-thru, which would cause backups onto Hwy. K and Hutching Farm Drive, where there already are long lines at the traffic signal during peak morning and evening rush hours. They cited as an example the Starbucks at Laura Hill and Hwy. K, where such congestion already occurs.

This will be the second Scooter’s Coffee location in O’Fallon.

Scooter’s Coffee location in Hutching Farm Plaza (Source: City of O’Fallon)

At its April 22 meeting, the council had approved a CUP to operate a Scooter’s Coffee at 411 S. Main Street in downtown O’Fallon.

Scooter’s Coffee rendering (Source: City of O’Fallon)

Scooter’s already operates coffee shops in St. Peters and Rolla along with locations in 17 other states. The company has plans to expand to a total of 24 states.

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