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City turns waste into ‘gold’

Gold Grow Compost pile
Gold Grow compost pile (Source: City of St. Peters)

The St. Peters’ Earth Centre combines biosolids from wastewater with the yard waste into a biosolids compost known as “Gold Grow.” The result is a high-quality, nationally certified Class A product that is constantly tested for safety. 

As a natural fertilizer it can aid the growth of plants long into the growing season. 

Gold Grow compost and double-ground mulch are available for sale at the lowest rates for Resident Privilege Card holders for up to 10 cubic yards of product per household, per calendar year. This amount equals five pickup truck loads of product (compost and mulch combined); however, Gold Grow is also avalable by the 5-gallon bucket for just $1 per bucket.

Both products are available at the Earth Centre, located at 115 Ecology Drive.

Learn more about product availability and Earth Centre hours at stpetersmo.net/GoldGrow.

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