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Editorial: Explaining the subscription plan

Everybody who wants it gets it. Everybody who gets it wants it. 

See what we did there? As you are probably aware already, West Newsmagazine has switched to a free Community Subscriber plan. In the past, you would have gotten the paper whether you asked for it or not. Now, you simply need to ask to receive the paper free in your mailbox.

Why did we make this change? Pretty simple, really. We use the U.S. Postal Service to deliver West Newsmagazine. For the past several years, the USPS has been hammered with challenges that have resulted in dramatically higher prices for increasingly unreliable service. The COVID-19 pandemic brought all those challenges to a head, and a difficult political environment guarantees that postage costs are going to continue to go up and to the right. Our business had to adjust.

We are very proud that we were able to create a win-win situation to solve the problem. The Community Subscriber plan is a win for readers because it gives you greater control over how you receive the paper. For our advertising partners, it guarantees an engaged readership. Let’s make sure we are on the same page with the various ways you can get your hands on a copy of West Newsmagazine.

1. You can get West in your mailbox. Homes, condominiums, apartments and businesses in West St. Louis County can get the paper delivered for free simply by requesting it. You can go to westnewsmagazine.com/request or mail in the subscription form found in any copy of the paper. If you already received this paper in your mailbox, you can check the front cover to make sure you are subscribed. If your name is on the mailing label (rather than the words Current Resident), then your subscription is active. If the label reads Current Resident, then you still need to subscribe in order to receive the paper consistently. We are mailing additional copies of every issue to non-subscribers so that we can best explain this plan to everyone. A subscription is valid for three years.

2. You can pick up West at newsstands throughout the county. Every Schnucks and Dierbergs store in West County will have the paper available for free in their community periodical section, usually located near the front doors. It will also be available at dozens of other local newsstands. This option is great for occasional readers, or for subscribers who want additional physical copies to share with their friends. We anticipate that these pickup locations will go through their copies quickly, so make sure you are looking for them every other Wednesday.

3. You can read full issues online. The entire issue, including all the great information and deals from our advertising partners, is available in an easy-to-read digital version at westnewsmagazine.com. Simply navigate to our home page and click on Current Issue. Was your child featured in a sports or school story? You can easily share these digital copies with proud grandparents at the click of a button. We also feature additional content on our websites so be sure to browse all the stories on westnewsmagazine.com.

Thank you to the tens of thousands of you who have already subscribed. We truly appreciate your dedicated readership and continuing support of our advertisers. We look forward to serving our community for decades to come.

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