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Letter to the Editor: Regarding ‘Curbside voting’

To the Editor: 

Sirs, as a poll worker in St. Charles County, I can understand Mr. Crozier’s concerns about curbside voting. At our polling place we have several people that vote curbside. 

In the ones that use the curbside voting method, all of them have someone drive them to the polling place. When they arrive, the person that brought them comes in to the polling place, waits in line and then tells the poll worker we have a curbside voter. Then, according to state election laws, two workers (one from each party) proceeds to the curbside where the voter is allowed to vote. 

This can also be accomplished by going to the Election Authority for absentee voting. 

Election Authority Director Kurt Bahr is doing everything possible to make sure everyone who wants to vote, does.

Doug Beaver

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