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Letters to the Editor: Regarding Star Parker

To the Editor:

First, thank you for adding Star Parker’s column to your journal, and as a long-time fan of hers I hope it remains. 

Second, for those offended that a columnist would have the temerity to be a pro-Donald Trump conservative, may I suggest that the only major daily newspaper in the bistate area has a plethora of left-wing commentary on its editorial page for your reading pleasure. Thankfully, we have at least a small serving of conservative opinion in Mid Rivers Newsmagazine.

Joe Allen

• • • 

To the Editor:

Star Parker’s predecessor was always going to be a hard act to follow. Fortunately for the readers of the Mid Rivers Newsmagazine, you have found another rising star.  

Opinion writers are always going to offend half the readers and receive accolades from the rest. We have enough on the one side so it is important there is a voice of reason and intellect coming from the younger generation.  

Facts do not lie, so keep it up, Star. My generation is counting on you to keep this torch burning.

Mary Jo White Anderson

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