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Letters to the Editor: Regarding Star Parker

To the editor:

I’ve been reading your paper for 21 years. I loved Thomas Sowell and all the conservative writers you have had in the past. I read the article by Star Parker on reparation and was very impressed. She was sincere, honest and truthful. She has a different way of explaining reparations. I truly enjoyed her article and agree with all she said. Thank you for running her article. 

Rita Marshall

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To the editor:

I thoroughly enjoy Star Parker’s columns and feel she gives insightful views. Please don’t take the advice of people that would vote for a presidential candidate that didn’t give any interviews or express his thoughts on important topics.

Donna Miller

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To the editor:

Have always looked forward to the magazine until you hired Star Parker. Please keep in mind that not all of St. Charles County holds the same extreme beliefs of her type of conservatism. So far, she’s quite disgusting. 

Jennifer Wiegert

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