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O’Fallon proposes contact-free process for 2021 utility tax rebates

To protect public health during the pandemic, certain O’Fallon residents eligible for utility tax rebates were provided in 2020 a rebate equal to the 2019 rebate. This protected older adults and people of any age with serious underlying medical conditions.

For 2021, O’Fallon has proposed the following procedures to avoid eligible residents having to come to city hall to obtain their rebate:

  • Eligible residents would certify they still are a resident of the city, which staff is able to confirm. This would reduce the number of people having to come to city hall, thus enabling a smaller number of in-person appointments, and increasing the ability for social distancing.
  • Interested residents would contact the city finance department once the final procedures are set up.

At the council meeting on March 25, Bill No. 7301 to authorize these temporary procedures was given a first reading.  The bill was sponsored by Mayor Bill Hennessy.

If normal process and timing are followed, the bill would receive a second reading and vote for passage at the April 8 council meeting.

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