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Letter to the Editor: Welcome, Ambassador Arenado

To the Editor:

Nolan Arenado is much more than a baseball player – he is the new ambassador to St. Louis. His recent interviews looping across national media are refreshingly team-oriented and not self-serving. His delivery is articulate and authentic. He is our new TweetHeart; our own InstaStory; the STL TikToker!

A ready-made “Leaving Colorado for St. Louis is a Great Idea” promotional campaign is ready for the airwaves – sound bites, wrapped up with a gargantuan Cardinal red bow and ready to blast: “Great Cardinal tradition … somewhere I’ve wanted to play for a long time … great fans who fill the stadium … I plan to be here for a long time.” He said it and he meant it.

We don’t have a plethora of folks who want to get out of Colorado, give up 81 of the best weather days in picturesque Denver to come to St. Louis – certainly not in February!

So lock arms and shout from the shores of the muddy Mississippi to the top of the man-made snow mound at Hidden Valley: Nolan Arenado chose St. Louis to play the sport he loves!

Let’s replace our town’s national media coverage of the most dangerous city with the “Leaving “name the state” for St. Louis is a Great Idea” campaign!

Now, let’s get this man a red cloak! Welcome, Ambassador Arenado!

T. Zimmerman

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