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Letter to the Editor: Regarding Star Parker

To the Editor:

Star Parker’s Feb. 10 piece extolling all the accomplishments of the Trump Administration read like something produced by the Trump Reelection Committee and the RNC. She is puzzled as to why someone with all his “accomplishments” was not re-elected, and then blames the “left-leaning and hostile media.” Are you kidding? Trump lost the election because he was the absolute worst president in history. And enough people recognized that plain truth (other than the 74 million who voted for him, most of whom believe the lie that the election was somehow stolen).

I would encourage Mid Rivers Newsmagazine to find a more serious, educated, thoughtful writer to take the space formerly occupied by Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams. Parker is nothing more than a Trump sycophant and useful tool of the GOP and RNC.

Bill Hall

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