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Students share passion for robotics

LHS Robotics
Students from the Lutheran High Robotics program give the students at Trinity Orchard Lutheran School an up-close look at one of their creations. (Source: Facebook)

In late February, the Lutheran High Robotics program, specifically the Roboteer Leadership Council, brought some of their program’s contraptions to showcase and introduce to the students and staff of Trinity Orchard Farm Lutheran School in St. Charles County.

During the visit, the Lutheran High Robotics students showed off Reggie the T-shirt shooter, who delivered tennis balls, candy and T-shirts to students through the air. Their competitive “Proto-Bot” demonstrated its swerve-drive capabilities, played catch with students, and hit several shots from half-court on the basketball court.

The newest member of the robotics team, Homer the retired Bomb Squad Robot, also joined the crew on his first field trip and shared his extended arm dexterity and video transmission capabilities.

Following the robot demonstrations, Lutheran High Robotics shared 12 LEGO MSC Robot kits with the school, allowing students to explore robotics in their own classrooms in the weeks ahead.

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