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Celebrating nature through art

Eighth grade students at the Academy of the Sacred Heart St. Charles recently combined their efforts to complete an art installation for the David Shepard Wildlife Foundation Global Canvas Competition.

This annual global art contest encourages student collaboration, ideation, and creativity, while allowing students the opportunity to display concern for the planet’s environment and diverse wildlife. Each year, the competition receives creative entries from all over the world.

The theme for the 2021 competition was “Healing Nature – A Planet on Edge.” Students collaborated on the multi-step installation to tell a story of the Amazon Jungle in the past, present and future in 50-year increments. The students used recycled materials, such as plastic containers, to craft a large part of the artistic display.

Students documented their efforts and the lessons they learned about deforestation and climate change before submitting their project for review and judging.

The David Shepard Wildlife Foundation is a wildlife conservation charity funding conservation projects across Africa and Asia from their headquarters in Shalford, England.

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