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Letter to the Editor: Responding to ‘Regarding the electoral system’

To the Editor: 

It was with considerable interest that I read in your Feb. 10 issue one letter writer’s comments regarding the recent national election. He seemed to think it was a fair and legitimate election, indicating that only one court case out of 60 brought by the lawyers representing President Donald Trump in their efforts to show that this was a fraudulent election was decided in his favor.

I may be mistaken, but the others were not decided against him and his claims, but rather were not even allowed to be entered into courts for consideration. That is a much different outcome than not being decided.

That is like a baseball player not being allowed to enter the batter’s box and being called out on three pitches; a fisherman standing on the dock but without a rod and reel and, amazingly, not catching a fish; a surgeon not being allowed into the operating room, and the patient dies.

These lawsuits were not allowed to be heard. So there was no decision made, in the strictest sense of the word regarding due process. The only thing these suits received were a ruling by a judge, one person, as to merit, evidence or standing. No jury, to speak of.

I wonder how the people feel who said they witnessed and filed sworn affidavit’s concerning cases of ballots being hauled from under tables when polling places were closed to observers, truckloads of ballots delivered from different states after the polls were closed, monitors shut out of polling places and harassed by poll workers, ballots being tallied over and over and over by poll workers in cities like Milwaukee and Philadelphia and Detroit and Atlanta. I wonder how they feel these days? Depressed? Frustrated? Betrayed by the system? Cheated? All of these?

Time and history, and maybe some enterprising journalist, will evaluate what really may have happened in this most unique and controversial election of 2020.

It could prove to be a story like none this nation has ever seen.

Tom Anselm

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