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Traffic improvement project approved for south end of Mid Rivers Mall Drive

Traffic congestion plagues the southernmost portion of Mid Rivers Mall Drive between its intersections with Route N on the north and Route 364 on the south. 

At its Feb. 25 meeting, the St. Peters Board of Aldermen voted 7-0 to approve Bill No. 21-15, authorizing a project to improve the road infrastructure in that area. Alderman Terri Violet (Ward 4) was absent.

The project will install a right-turn lane for northbound Mid Rivers Mall Drive at the Home Depot Plaza signalized intersection. Many vehicles currently use the shoulder to get around vehicles waiting for a green light.  That shoulder was not designed to withstand the traffic volume it is experiencing.

A Chick-Fil-A restaurant is located inside the Home Depot Plaza, and it attracts large volumes of traffic throughout the day. Traffic backups are the worst at lunch and dinner peak periods each day except Sunday when the restaurant is closed.

Project location map (Source: City of St. Peters)

The new right-turn lane will allow the plaza’s traffic to move out of the through-lane, reducing congestion at the signalized intersection and improving safety.

The project also will include construction of a 10-foot-wide multiuse path along the east side of Mid Rivers Mall Drive from Route N to Route 364.  The current sidewalk on the east side of the roadway does not meet current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. 

The current bike path on the west side of the roadway consists of a separated 8-foot-wide path for 300 feet but uses the 8-foot shoulder for the remaining 950 feet of the intersection. Water, dirt and debris collect there, creating hazardous conditions for cyclists and pedestrians.

The multiuse path improvements are consistent with the Gateway Bike Plan adopted by the city of St. Peters as well as its ADA Transition Plan. The new path will connect to Cottleville’s path along the north side of Route N and that city’s funded sidewalk improvement project along the south side of Route N.

Total project cost will be $206,236, with $164,989 funded by the St. Charles County Road Board and $41,247 funded by St. Peters.

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