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O’Fallon approves pandemic relief for hospitality businesses

O’Fallon Mayor Bill Hennessy and council member Dale Kling (Ward 3) sponsored Bill No. 7287 to suspend certain license fees for hospitality businesses in the city. 

The sponsors believe hospitality businesses have been especially hard hit by the economic collapse caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and associated regulatory and social constraints. 

Hennessy said the bill is a “pandemic relief bill” for hospitality businesses in O’Fallon, which have been hard hit by the slowdown in customers. He said this is something that the city can do this year to help them immediately. He thanked council member Tom “Duke” Herweck (Ward 2) for bringing up this idea, and City Clerk Pam Clement and her team for pulling everything together.

Kling moved to suspend the normal rules and conduct the first and second readings in the same meeting, vote for passage and avoid any delays in providing this relief. The motion and bill both passed 9-0. Council member Nathan Bibb (Ward 3) was excused/absent.

Payment of by-the-drink license fees now will be waived for licensees who file and qualify for renewal of such licenses for the 2021-2022 license year for:

  • Sunday sales by the drink.
  • Liquor by the drink – full liquor license.
  • 5% beer and light wine.
  • 5% beer by the drink.
  • Liquor by the drink extension of the premise.
  • COL – consumption liquor license.
  • Missouri wine by the drink.

The fiscal impact to the city could be as high as $60,000 if all current license holders take advantage of the fee waiver before the filing deadline of May 1, 2021.

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