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Letters to the Editor: Praise for Star Parker

To the Editor:

We were happy to see that Star Parker took up the baton where Dr. Walter E. Williams left off. God has a plan, doesn’t he? 

Star is as refreshing as Dr. Williams in her fight for our Christian and moral values that President George Washington first set down for us. Somehow there are those who have forgotten how America began and what our Forefathers wrote down to help us all remember. There are those who would throw these truths away, thinking that they know better. We are fortunate to have voices like Star Parker and others to fight the fight and a paper like the Mid Rivers Newsmagazine to give us refreshing and honest news.

Thank you for speaking the truth.

Patricia A. Schmidt

• • •

To the Editor:

I am impressed with Star Parker. I had never heard of her before, but read her column in last week’s Mid Rivers Newsmagazine. She writes very well and I hope to continue seeing her writing in the future.

Dena Haeffner

• • •

To the Editor:

Walter E. Williams’ column was always one of my favorite parts of your magazine. He was a wise man and will be missed. His voice represented many whose conservative opinions are quickly becoming more and more suppressed because of the ignorant acts of a few conservative radicals. 

I enjoyed reading Star Parker’s article and appreciated what she wrote. I am glad to see Williams’ column will most likely be continued by someone whose insight and values match his. 

Thank you.

Sarah Hill

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