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County Council places charter measure on April 6 ballot

At its Jan. 25 meeting, the St. Charles County Council unanimously approved Bill Number 4922, which will place a measure amending the County Charter on the April 6 Municipal Election ballot.

The measure will adjust Article IV of the charter and amend the qualifications necessary to serve as the county director of administration, director of finance, director of information systems and county counselor. The bill will not, in itself, change those credentials and qualifications, but will allow for a public vote on proposed adjustments.

Article IV of the County Charter states that the county director of finance, director of administration, and director of information systems must have earned bachelor’s degrees in their respective fields, with varying years of “suitable” experience in their fields of expertise. They may hold no other position in national, state, county or municipal government, and must take an oath of office, as do all officeholders. The directors are also subject to a county residency requirement, mandating that they live in St. Charles County, or move to the county within 120 days of their appointments to office.

The county counselor, serves at the pleasure of the county executive, subject to approval by the county council. The counselor must be a licensed attorney in the state of Missouri, and must have maintained an active law license for the previous five years. The conditions regarding other governmental employment, the oath of office, and the residency requirement also apply.

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