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Local artists celebrated

"Sushi in St. Charles” by Minnie Adams
“Sushi in St. Charles” by Minnie Adams

The Community & Children’s Resource Board (CCRB) announced the selection of Minnie Adams, a senior at Francis Howell North High and Sebastian Bierhals, a freshman at Lutheran High as co-winners of an art contest for St. Charles County high school students.

As winners, both students will recreate their concepts on canvas, with the finished artwork being  installed at the CCRB office in May 2021. 

The art contest was designed as a creative way to bring in youth voices to the CCRB office and to recognize talented young artists. 

The contest’s theme, “St. Charles County Youth & Community,” was intended to reflect the participants’ perception of St. Charles County or issues relevant to their lives.  

Adams was mentored by art teacher Courtney Flamm. Art teacher Carla Krazl mentored Bierhals.

Adams and Bierhals were chosen for their skill in interpreting the theme, as well as their artistic vision. Adams’ work titled “Sushi in St. Charles” features a diverse group of teens sitting together at a local restaurant. Adams said she is pleased with this opportunity and that her hard work through the years has paid off. Following high school, Adams said she plans to use her artistic talent to become an exterior and interior architect.

“I want to use my skills and creativity to create new and inventive styles for buildings,” Adams said.

Bierhals’ work, “Masking our Feelings” reflects feelings of anxiety, depression, and pain youth feel because of bullying and cyberbullying.

Masking Our Feelings
“Masking our Feelings” by Sebastian Bierhals

“The issue in the art piece I try to show is bullying and is a huge issue,” Bierhals explained. He said he tried to convey the issue “by showing someone being happy, but behind them is their true feelings, which can be sadness, depression, or anxiety. This pain that people go through is terrible. I made this piece to tell the viewer … I feel your pain. Some may be on the brink of emotional breakdown … or dying because of someone telling them they’re not good enough … I want people to feel; feel not alone.” 

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