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Letter to the Editor: Responding to ‘Violence at the Capitol’

The violence at the capitol should be universally condemned. True. This and much of Trump’s behavior has resulted in weakening our Democracy, reduced respect for us globally, diminished our openness to immigrants and love of  diversity of Americans, reduced our attempts to control climate change and protect the environment, ignoring science with the pandemic, and generally spread fear, hate and suspicion. Some of this began even before his election in 2016. 

Fortunately, most Americans recognized the lies, manipulation, incompetence and self-absorption of our former president and in a fair election in which he was defeated for a second term. There was no voter fraud of any significance. The election was not rigged in spite of Republican’s efforts to gerrymander, to remove names from registrations, to keep minorities from voting as much as possible, and to constantly stir up the right wing that “others” were somehow stealing the election.

Trump lost fair and square after much honest investigation and observation by both parties, of the results, and he cannot accept this. So rather than do what defeated candidates have always done, he held a rally in which he urged his supporters to come to Washington to fight. Then, he incited them to do so in a rally and go attack our Capitol to stop the counting of electoral votes. This is true. The election was not rigged or stolen. Again Trump’s lies caused this insurrection and he is deserving of both impeachments, a first in history.

Maryann Mace

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