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Editorial: We hereby resolve

2020 has slipped into 2021. Everything and nothing feels different. In order to prepare for the challenges ahead, we offer the following resolutions to usher in the new year: 

We hereby resolve to consider facts presented to us through healthy skepticism and critical thought, rather than bitter cynicism and denial. We will “trust science” while being always cognizant of the fact that scientists are human, and humans are fallible.

We hereby resolve to continue to apply appropriate pressure onto our elected officials, even after the immediate crisis has resolved. In particular, we will continue to demand increased transparency into our elections, increased accountability for public health decisions and increased civility in all public discourse.

We hereby resolve to remind ourselves daily that the vast majority of people tell the truth the vast majority of the time. We will not be made jaded by the few high-profile liars and lies.

We hereby resolve to forever be reminded of the times in 2020 when we were not able to gather with families or friends, when grandparents were not able to hug grandchildren, when holiday meals happened around computer screens rather than folding tables. We resolve to remember and to never, ever take these things for granted again.

We hereby resolve to expand our culinary horizons by trying at least one new independent restaurant every month, while continuing to regularly support our favorite local spots.

We hereby resolve to honor the idea that the first and best “screens” humans were introduced to were books, and to show our honor by reading more books this year than last. We will seek out new authors and uncomfortable subjects. We will read about romance and adventure and coming of age. We will find a quiet place and a peaceful mind, and we will be made better by reading.

We hereby resolve to challenge our bodies as we do our minds. When the news program angers us, we will do 10 pushups rather than 10 minutes of silent fuming. When we are frustrated at work, we will take a 15-minute walk and collect our thoughts. We will find a sport we can share with our spouse or our children – tennis, basketball, golf or cycling – and we will be awed by the positive impact that physical health has on our mental health.

We hereby resolve to do that thing we have wanted to do for so long. We will take that trip to that place we have always dreamed of visiting. We will buy that object that seemed a little too expensive but so perfect. We will ask that person out on a date. We will do that thing we have always wanted to do because last year there was so much that we could not do, and we will not be caught in regrets.

We hereby resolve to do that thing we have been avoiding for so long. We will repair that pesky thing in our house. We will reconcile with that family member we feuded with over who knows what. We will schedule that doctor or dentist appointment. We will do that thing we avoided because time was taken from us last year and this is how we get it back.

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